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This Course Will Skyrocket You Into The Stratosphere of Successful Forex Traders...Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!
It's simple...if you are still trying to see consistent winners with your trades or even winners at all for that matter, then that means you are missing key skills as a trader which I'm sorry to say will leave you an ametuer trader at best.

You would think that with the wealth of information available on trading the markets, why isn't everybody succesful? I'll tell you why, it's not until you put the information to work you will realise that is litereally not even a quarter of the puzzle. Anybody making a full time living trading the markets knows something you don't! We've done the work, we've been in the trenches and it's an understatement to even say that we have seriously devoted ourselves.

Nobody is going to give for free something that makes real money, consistent real money, showing you strategies and techniques that have the ability to impact your life and bring to your reality complete finanical freedom.

You know people often ask me, 'why can you not just tell us what you do, why do you have to charge us, you make enough money?'...
The fact is I've worked so hard for more than a decade that I put in everything that ever meant anything to me to get to where I am. It took my blood sweat and tears to see the kind of things in the market that people just can't see. So for me to give away everything I know, for free...I don't think so! I'd be out of my mind not to charge for what will certainly be life changing just by being a member of Winning In Trading!

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So Let's Take A Closer Look At What You Can Expect To Get When You Start Winning In Trading...
Module 1
Intro & Basics
What we are going to be doing here is quickly bring you up to speed with forex trading and show you exactly how to setup our price charts so you can trade in the most effective way.
Module 2
Candlestick Formations
Now Candlestick formations are certain setups that appear in candle stick price charts.  And lemme tell you,that even if you have met candlestick formations before what you will  learn here are the only setups that yield any profits (and let me just give you a hint: it is not the formations that others say are the best). I will be revealing the most powerful setups I have come across, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use them for maximum profit! These alone are killer setups and can be used as a stand alone approach, but hey, we’re just getting warmed up yet!
Module 3
Support & Resistance
Here we will be looking at support and resistance! This friends, is the most widely misinterpreted subject in technical analysis, and is often just explanined as a line that price meets and bounces off. This is NOT the way price support and resistance should be looked at, instead, here I’ll take you through a thorough understanding of the dynamics between supply and demand at these levels. It’s not enough just to draw support and resistance lines, you need to understand how to read a chart like a pro! Support and resistance is a foundational subject in technical analysis, and it needs to be looked at how the pro’s do so you can build on this concept with the intermediate and advanced modules, and this can only be done through a real understanding of support and resistance!
Module 4

This module is not just going to enhance your understanding of trendlines, that’s right, but will show you exactly how the professionals use trendlines to find exceptional trading opportunities. This module also introduces a part of the components used in making sure we retain as much profit as possible in our trades, while making sure we are not over exposing our trades to time-risk

Module 5

Soo many traders just don’t understand how to use this indicator, and in this module, I’ll uncover the way in which this indicator is used to accurately identify turning points in the market.  You see traders tend to focus on the momentum changes through the histogram in this indicator, but there are some key elements to this indicator that are missed by most traders, but hold a whopping 90% of the information that’s needed to accurately use this indicator! A traders indicators can only be as good as the knowledge he has to use them...this module will break your knowledge through the ignorance barrier so you can really unleash the power of this indicator.

Module 6
Advanced Support & Resistance

We are looking back at support and resistance, but this time advanced support and resistance. That’s right in this module we’ll be delving into the advanced territory of support and resistance. Lets just say you’ll be surprised how much you didn’t know about support and resistance after going through this module. I’m talking underground tactics that expert day traders and swing traders utilize to absolutely explode and yield phenomenal trading profits!

Module 7
Continuation Plays

Forget what you think you know about price formations. Let me just go ahead and give you the ones that actually work. That’s right, this module will show you the price formations that have the highest probability of continuing with the prevailing trend. Believe me I have sieved through all the garbage out there and in this module I will be disclosing only the best formations that actually work! These are the personal continuation price formations that I use myself, and have yielded me the best results out of all the continuation plays I have ever traded! These are not any old price formations, they are tried and tested personally by me, and I prove in this module how powerful they really are!

Module 8
Reversal Plays
I have traded practically every reversal trading tactic out there, and just as with Continuation Plays, all the tactics in here are the ones that work. This module is gonna give you the best possible reversal play formations that you should be using in the market. And you know what, I don’t care if you may have possibly already met one of these formations, because we are going to explore a totally different way of trading them. The pros definitely got the novices scratching their heads on this one, but after this module you’ll be grabbing a spoon and be eating up all the profits too!
Module 9
Enhanced Profit

Expanding on the previous module we will be taking an exploration into something I call ‘Enhanced Profit’. Its an advanced way of trading reversal patterns and these tactics that I show you explain exactly how I maximize the risk reward I gain in the moves coming off from reversal formations, and the trick I use to stop me from entering losing formations that you would otherwise trade!

Module 10

I will be presenting tactics used by only the best traders in the market place. Not only will you have the know how of what makes serious profit in the market here, but you will also gain insight into all previous topics covered in the course thus far. Even though you may think you understand the previous techniques talked about, this module brings home some powerful insights that will just explode your trading to levels that you thought were not even possible!

Module 11
Price Swing Pivots
This module gives you something that you can use in ANY trading strategy and in ANY part of price analysis. It is the basis of the reference points that you will be using in your analysis of not just supply and demand, but also market structure! Without this module, not only would you not know how to read the market properly, but you will also not know how to maximize your profit in your trades through optimizing, using Price Swing Pivots!
Module 12
Trading Components

This is a very important part of the course. I’m gonna take you through every part of the trade process. I’ll show you exactly how your trade parameters are worked out, how to work out what your risk should be, and how much you should be trading. I also introduce you to a concept that every successful trader needs to understand. If you trade without this concept, then there is no way you can ever succeed in the market over the long term!

Module 13
Intro to Fib

This is the foundation to what will be the concepts and tactics I will show you that is going to simply blow you away!  Not only will I be showing you tactics that do not get spoken about outside of the big dogs circle, but I will also be giving you my own personal Fibonacci tactics that I have come across through research and poring over thousands and throusands of charts and price data,  that are totally different to anything you would have ever seen before!

Module 14
Fibonacci Retracements
So once we’ve covered the foundation then we’ll get into the Fibonacci Retracements and extensions. Now heres the thing about Fib Retracements and Extensions. I find it really strange how people refer to these as they are some simple type of tools used in the market. No no no. In fact in this module you’ll see exactly how they are not being used properly at all and why so many traders totally use Fibonacci in the wrong way…what's worse, they don’t even pay attention to the correct levels. What I’ll disclose is the exact hidden ratios that only a small set of traders use that work so much better than the conventional levels that most traders have up on their charts.
Module 15

The tactic I disclose here has been used by many top traders to make consistent gains in the market. This module will outline a very important formation that we will build on in future modules. What I’ll be doing is taking this a few steps further, to ensure even higher probability setups.

Module 16

Let me tell you, This formation right here, is yet again another thing that is not correctly traded, but… when used correctly, can provide you with a crazy amount of profit! Not only will I cover how to trade this Fibonacci pattern, but I’m also gonna go over variations of this pattern and thats gonna give you an extra edge over other traders, and, its gonna increase the amount of opportunities available to you in the market. Please understand that this pattern can be a whole trading course on its own, and yields phenomenal results if traded as I show you! And what I shown you on Gartley’s on the webinar is just a preview of this module...you know, the zig zag pattern...well there’s a whole lot more you can do with this trading formation, and I’ll disclose all in this module

Module 17
The Butterfly Pattern

This Fibonacci pattern is the same formation that master traders have used to anticipate market collapses and explosions to the upside! I have tweaked this formation to such a degree that I can pinpoint with great accuracy exactly where the market will turn and shoot the opposite way! If there is one pattern I could only trade with, it would be the variation of this pattern that I will disclose to you in this module, because of the sheer amount of profit this trading tactic has made me!

Module 18
Trading In-between Key Fibonacci Levels

You know there was something I discovered that’s put me on the top bracket of profitable traders in the market. What led to this discovery came about after seeing countless moves that seemed always to happen after key price events that took place in the market. So in this module, trading in between key Fibonacci levels, I will not only give you the key to unlocking this powerful tactic, but will show you exactly why trading without this method will get you caught on the wrong side of the market in your trades!

Module 19
Advanced Fibonacci Analysis (Fib Energy Swings)
Fibonacci Energy Swings is a concept that I guarantee you have not heard of! Why? Because I know for a fact that even the so called masters of Fibonacci out there do not know about this phenomenon that occurs in the markets!  This module will show you a way of seeing the market as if you were Neo in the Matrix, and could see exactly how the market functions! This method gave me power that I didn’t even know existed! Now, I will only be disclosing this to the few that can get signed up to the course in time, as once I close off this membership, I plan to never disclose this secret to anyone else again.
Module 20
Superior Fibonacci Power Levels

The trading tactics disclosed here are never discussed openly with other traders. I started researching on more fiboanacci phenomeneon in the market after I saw the power of the Fibonacci energy swings. I knew there were certain turning points in the market I couldn’t explain, eventhough I know it was because of a different type of fiboancci relationship that I could not yet see. The fiboancci energy swings gave me an idea to explore in the markets, and through that, came the fiboancci Power levels! I started to see the true reason to specific market turns that I couldn’t explain before! This is a VERY powerful module, and I clearly outline the way I trade the currency markets with ABSOLUTE PRECISION through this tactic! How would you feel if you could pinpoint specific turning points in the market even when there is no fiboancci retracement or extension there? Once you know about these Power Levels, others will think you have “insider information” due to the accuracy of your trades!

Module 21 (Ultra Module)
Market Structure Analysis

This is a concept that you cannot afford to not know about! Without this concept, it doesn’t matter how great a trader you think you are, as if you are not following this concept correctly, you will surely fail and will give all your profit back to the market! You need to understand market structure properly so you can trade the markets like the pro’s do. As I said, theres no point making a bit of profit from the market and then give it all back- this module shows you how to take your trades with the flow of the market, and explains how the multi million dollar hedge fund managers approach the markets!  If you do not stay on this side of the market, its just a matter of time before they take all your profits, and then some!

Module 22 (Ultra Module)
Fibonacci Confluence Zones

This next ultra module Im certain none of you are using in your trading. That’s right this is Fibonacci Confluence zones. What this is going to do right here is bring in the advanced tactics. This module brings in the advanced tactics that I use to suck money out from the market at will! Without this module, you will not be able to apply my Fibonacci tactics to its full effectiveness! Think about when we first started using the internet, yes it was good, but we were all using those dial up modems and now we have broadband and fibre optics. However it’s not the speed, it’s the effectiveness that makes the difference, and with Fibonacci confluence zones you are getting the effectiveness of the fibre optics rather than using only dial up, hence you can immensely maximize the profit you can generate from your trades!.

Module 23 (Ultra Module)
Advanced Money Management Rules

The technique I show you here is the most powerful money mangment technique I have ever come across. It has enabled me to skyrocket the risk reward I get from my trades to levels I thought were not possible! And what is best, It DOES NOT increase my risk in the trades! Imagine increasing your profit in your trades without increasing any risk you have in the trade!!!! This is something that will totally transform the way you do your money management in your trades, and you will never look back when you deploy this money management method!

Module 24 (Ultra Module)
Trading Plan & Execution

In this module I’ll show you the exact way I setup and create my ultra profitable trading strategies! I disclose to you exactly how to optimize your trading strategy to suit you! I also explain the exact way to get your trading going and the exact steps you must do on a daily basis in order to ensure you are consistently making money in the markets! This is the part of the course where you need guidance as to how you execute all that you have learnt- so without this, you have the map, but no vehicle to travel in. You can have all the most effective tools to trade with , but without the process I explain in this module, you will never be able to fully leverage the power that the tools can give you, which means maximize the money you pull out of the markets!

Trade Size Calculator

You know, whenever you are entering a position in the market, a trader always needs to know exactly how much to buy or sell. In the currency markets,  its not just a matter of buying a set amount of shares as you would in the stock market, you have to determine exactly how many currency units you want to purchase or sell. This amount totally depends on the currency you are trading,

So what I want to do is give you my trade size calculator. This tool combines all the calculations that you need to do in one easy to use interface. Just enter your account size, risk that you want to put into the trade, select your currency pair and simply enter your trigger price and stop price. Push the button and it will churn out the amount you should be trading!  No more manual calculators or working things out in a frenzy before entering the trade, now with this tool you will have an easy to use tool that will spit out the amount in seconds, a tool every trader needs to be as efficient and as effective as possible!

Risk Reward Calculator

I wanna give you what is another must have for a serious trader. Because it is important that you understand the amount of risk reward you have made in each trade, and if you don’t you will not know the vital metric that is needed to gauge how profitable your trading strategy is! So I’m also going to be including my Risk Reward Calculator. This easy tool here will let you enter in the trade prices, and in seconds it works out everything for you! This tool will specifically work out the amount of risk reward you get in your trades in an instant so no more working out formulas in excel or taking up time with the tedious task of working this out, just use this tool and you’ll have everything worked out for you!

Special Access Module
Hedge Fund Managers Super Trade Management Blueprint
A buddy of mine runs a hedgefund and over the past few years we’ve gotten together, occasionally with some other traders and hold I guess what you’d call a mastermind group. We go through whats working and share strategies and techniques and so forth...Now, when it comes to trade management people either develop their own or can follow another trader’s set of rules that govern that particular technique. Now I cover powerful trade management techniques in a couple of the course modules, but I also have my buddys trade management rules. If your thinking why do I need to know another way of doing this, well, it’s because his just like mine absolutely dominates. And believe me that’s an understatement. Our approaches are slightly different and we meet with different scenarios, but having use of both will prove invaluable to you. It’s a step by step trade management blueprint that explains exactly how to manage advanced trades in order to maximize the amount of profit that can be pulled out of the forex market. There is no theory here, this is pure useable, copy-able tactics which I personally use in addition to my own techniques .  You’ll get mind maps for every scenario you can possibly meet in the market, along with help sheets that outline everything you need to do all written down and compiled in an easy to follow manner. But that’s not all I’ll also cover these worksheets and mindmaps in a series of videos, so it will be crystal clear on exactly how to use them. And I'll also, in these videos, cover examples of scenarios so you are truly confident in executing these powerful techniques. And to make this even more special I’ll be uncovering things in this approach that you wont believe until you see...extremely coveted techniques. Please understand that for you to get an actionable trade management system like this would take years of trading experience and would not be disclosed by any top trader...I want this to be the best course and best investment you ever make and that’s why I am giving you a true headstart. I could sell this stand alone, and in the near future will do exactly that so I hope that you understand how great this opportunity is that I am putting infront of you
Special Access
My LIFE TIME Trading Support

I am extremely confident that once you have gone through this Winning In Trading course, you’ll possess an understanding of the market I’m quite certain to say, you never thought possible. But even with that being said, it’s always helpful when you have some support. While you’re on this journey a bit of validation can do wonders. So with that being said, I’d like to offer you my support.

Go ahead and ask any technical questions about my course you may have. I will personally reply to your emails and help you as much as I can. That means that when I’m out of my trading hours, I will spend time everyday going through your questions, queries and hopefully your success stories so that you feel even more confident as a trader.

Just so you know I typically charge around 10k a year or a little over a thousand dollars a month for this type of support...Believe me my current members are more than happy to pay for this, but for a short period of time and I will have to limit the amount of people I can do this for, when you take action today I want to include this as part of the course. I need you to recognize how massive this is right here.

I want to make crystal clear the type of value you are getting here. For more than ten years as a trader if someone had offered me everything I need to know about trading so I didn’t have to look anywhere else and offered pure content gold all in one convenient place that would be a god send but to then have access to a trader who has successfully used these principles and techniques to make money and without having to pay for it, well that’s a no brainer. So make sure you are one of the lucky ones to sign up before I pull this special access from the course. For me this is huge to give as part of this entire offer, as my time is precious to me, but as long as your serious then I’m happy to do it!

Folks This Is Everything You Need To Succeed In Trading Forex, All Wrapped Into One Easy To Follow Course!
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I’m gonna be explaining the techniques and advanced analysis carried out by bank traders and hedge fund mangers to dominate the forex market…. This will be worth its weight in gold coz believe me…its something that you will not find anywhere else
We are gonna identify how you can turn any losing strategy into a winning technique through advanced Fibonacci techniques and market structure analysis
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No matter where you are with your trading this is going to get you profiting in the market.

Ill be showing you the techniques used by multibillion dollar hedge fund managers that enables them to increase their profit on ALL winning trades WITHOUT increasing their risk on the trade! This is definitely one of our secret weapons in our trading!
We’ll be identifying the key concepts that have to be followed in order to make consistent money in the market

You’ll be getting the blueprint of EXACTLY how to implement this course into your trading plan so you know exactly how to use all these concepts in your trading and execute your trading flawlessly

  Some More Benefits...
The winning in trading course will allow you to double, triple even quadruple your profits in your trading and that’s all without increasing any of your risk.
I’m going to show you how the top hedge fund managers,  CTAs, and professional money mangers  trade the markets
You will get the most advanced fibonnacci techniques that are used by a closed circle of traders – not just overlaying various Fibonacci retracements and extensions, ------   but special techniques that you would not even know existed!

I’ll also be showing you the analysis technique that will constantly keep you on the right side of the market and will stop you losing your money to the pros in the market. Again this goes far beyond trend analysis.

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